Why Hire Evans Engineering Solutions?  The comments below from some of our clients will demonstrate why.

Wind Energy References:

“Since 2009 (Client) has developed nearly 540 MW of wind farms with the assistance of Evans Engineering Solutions.  The RFI reports from Evans have always been accurate and provided in a timely manner, which helps us meet our schedules, whether for financing, zoning, or construction.  Getting Evans involved early in our development process helps us position wind turbines quickly and effectively.  Evans plays an important role in our strategy to minimize risk when siting wind turbines.  Thank you for Evans’ excellent service.”  Matt G., Wind Farm Construction Engineering

“We have used Evans Engineering Solutions to support our wind energy projects since their inception; and have always been pleased with their work.  It is common for us to come to them with short notice, a compressed schedule, and a varied list of evaluation requirements; and they always come through for us.  They are extremely efficient and competent in their reviews, and provide a high quality product, upon which we depend.  I would recommend them without hesitation for the full range of telecommunications interference evaluations.”  Derrick C., Senior Project Manager

“I have been working with Evans Engineering for more than 3 years now and they have always been eager to work with and teach the concepts on communication studies.  Evans was responsive and diligent in providing quotes, meeting deadlines throughout the years, and also worked with us in providing innovative solutions for our microwave beam path studies based on where our project stands in in the development cycle, which is really helpful for not spending too much money on an early stage project.  Overall great team to work with.”  Nikhil K., Energy Applications Engineer

Broadcast References:

“Ben has prepared numerous applications for radio stations I am associated with.  Ben has great attention to detail and has helped us out with a number of projects.  I am glad to have Ben as a resource.”  Steve B., Director of Broadcast Engineering

“Ben is extremely knowledgeable in the field of RF engineering.  I have hired Ben for several projects that require a higher level of RF engineering as well as an understanding of how to navigate the regulatory process related to this field.  I would wholeheartedly recommend Ben!”  Jay M., Chief Engineer and Senior Systems Administrator