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Evans Engineering Solutions offers the following services with regard to microwave communications.

Microwave Path Design

Evans Engineering Solutions will design your microwave link to fit the requirements of your microwave communications system, including assistance with antenna site selection, antenna heights required for proper Fresnel Zone clearance, and recommendation of fade margin.  See Ben Evans’ presentation given at the 2012 Broadcaster’s Clinic regarding the planning of a microwave link.  Ben Evans Presentation

Microwave Path Licensing

Evans Engineering Solutions will prepare and file the FCC license application (on Form 601) for your proposed or modified microwave link and conduct the required interference study, coordination and PCN notification.

Evans Engineering Solutions can create for you a 3-D model of your existing or proposed microwave beam path.  When you send us the basic information about your microwave link, we will send you a KML file, importable into Google Earth, so that you can actually visualize your link.  In the event you don’t have Google Earth on your computer, you can download it for free here.

This is a free service.  There is a limit of one complimentary request every three months per email address.

Would you like to see your existing or planned microwave beam path modeled in 3-D in  Google Earth?  Complete this form or call us at 262-518-0178 for details.

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