Broadcast Engineering

Radio and TV Broadcasting is about cost-effectively reaching widely dispersed populations with audio and video information and entertainment applications.  Thirty years of experience enables Evans Engineering to cover the entire spectrum of specialties required by today’s complex broadcast systems.

We will design and implement your station, from FCC application to facility planning and plant construction, while making maximum use of the in-house expertise and resources you already possess.

Our broadcast engineering services include:

  • Applications for FCC construction permits
  • Frequency searches for AM, FM, TV, translators & boosters
  • Coordination with the FCC, FAA & local agencies
  • Feasibility studies for relocation & coverage improvement
  • Proofs of antenna performance
  • Design & implementation for synchronous transmitters
  • Co-located & master site design & construction
  • Field surveys, maintenance & rebuilding
  • Applications for new or upgraded facilities
  • Exhibits for zoning hearings
  • Field strength surveys & antenna optimization
  • Antenna performance measurements
  • Interference resolution
  • Evaluation & inspection of existing station facilities
  • Studio transmitter links (STLs) and inter-city relays (ICRs)
  • Determination of RF radiation levels
  • Signal analysis, field surveys & coverage evaluation
  • Intermodulation studies (see Wireless)



    Broadcast Engineering In Progress